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My Perfect Day

I’ve just had a birthday.

It was a big one.

I ain’t scared

We all had a fabulous day. Well, I did anyway.

The sun decided to shine, turning what had been a dull, cold and remarkably dreary week, into a gorgeous spring saturday.

Despite severe across-the-board scarcity of funds, my utterly amazing family all clubbed together to buy me this:

This is the camera of my dreams. Well, actually it’s 6x optical zoom better than the camera of my dreams, making an awesome 42x in total.

I think this might possibly be the best present I’ve ever had.

I’ve even managed to work out how to use it, well, parts of it anyway. I still need to do some research though. There are switches and buttons I haven’t dared press yet. Not counting the ones I pressed by mistake.

Knowing that all I’d want to do, having opened up this baby, is play with it, Matthew had organised the perfect day.

We headed into town on the bus and had lunch at Pizza Express

Thank you Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

before undertaking a Murder Mystery Treasure Trail down the Royal Mile.

Matthew had bought this as a surprise, hoping that it would be a nice enough day to try it out and give the boys and the camera an outing at the same time.

We spent a tremendously happy family afternoon meandering up and down the most historic street in our beautiful city;

Applauding buskers

These guys were really good

Listening to pipers

This guy wasn’t bad

But this guy was better

Avoiding living statues

I’m sorry, but they really give me the heebee jeebees. Seriously.

And searching for clues on wall plaques and finding hidden closes and courtyards we’d never noticed before.

And taking photos. Lots and lots of photos.


James especially got into the spirit of the day, taking overall responsibility for solving, and remembering, the answers to the clues as we followed the trail.

“Yes, I know exactly where we are…we’re here, or possibly here”

“Ok, we’re looking for a parrot in a basket. Any suggestions?”

Edinburgh Castle. Here be ghosts!

This is the triumphant moment when James cracked the murder mystery and worked out who did it and with what. That’s Robert’s best triumphant face, by the way.

To reward ourselves on completion of the trail, we headed off to get some of the best Italian ice cream in Edinburgh (we’re at Vittoria’s, on George IV Bridge, in case anyone wants to know)

The best chocolate fudge brownie ice cream ever! 

Then back home on the bus to eat cake…you knew there HAD to be a cake in here somewhere didn’t you?

I tried to make rude words using the alphabet sweets on top, but there weren’t enough F’s 

To complete my day, as if it knew I had just been given the most awesome camera in the world, the Moon decided to be a Supermoon that night. It’s officially known as a Perigee full moon, in case you’re interested.

So, at 11.30pm we took my new camera and my new tripod (thank you, yet more lovely, generous family members) and headed down the road to where we could get a clear moon view before it disappeared behind the clouds.

This was one of the best shots we got.

This is what 42x Optical Zoom is all about, people!

And this really was the perfect end to a perfect day.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful day. But how come I did not know about that ice cream place? I am clearly slipping.

    • It was a fab day, thanks. We were so lucky, esp since the weather has been so cold and wet ever since. And Vittoria’s really do have lovely ice cream. Highly recommended. They are actually an Italian restaurant, but sell ices from their window, so you usually don’t even need to go in.

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